I have been wanting to try Animal’s brunch menu for a while now. Originally we had made a reservation for a different restaurant but due to a car accident we had to alter our plans. The place was almost full and since we did not have a reservation, we were seated at the bar area. We were still dazed from the accident but managed to concentrate and pick our choices. Service was friendly.
animal 2
Pastrami Ruben Benedict Rye, Sauerkraut, Hollandaise, 1k Island Sauce, Soft Egg
We really enjoyed this dish. The pastrami was nice and smoky and the sauerkraut was the best we had; very sour, the way I like it. The rye was very good also. There was a little too much sauce though.
“Boner Burger” 420 Sauce, Jack Cheese, Poblano Chili, Red Onion
Animal is famous for their burger so naturally we had to give it a try and thankfully it did not disappoint. The beef was of a high quality and the jack cheese and poblano provided a kick. The bread was toasted beautifully. It was messy but a delicious dish.