It has been two years since we have dined at Lotus of Siam. Last time we dined there, the customer service was lacking and the food we had was a mix. My husband was craving Thai food and we first considered Chada Street but my brother and husband decided on LOS instead. This time we tried a few new dishes and the experience as a whole was mostly positive. Service was better than the previous time.

NAM KAO TOD Crispy Rice mixed with Sour Cubed Pork Sausages, Cilantro, Green Onions, Grounded Dry Chilis, Ginger, Peanuts and Lime juice
This is a long time favorite and we had to order two. Even though it was very spicy, we could not help ourselves from enjoying it. It was a perfect dish and nothing like the sorry version we had at the Night and Market Song a while ago. The rice was perfectly crisped and there were plenty of cubed sausages.
THUM KA NOON Shredded Young Jack Fruit, Ground Pork, Tomatoes, Northern Thai Spices and Seasoning
A very interesting dish and a unique taste and flavor. Very hearty too.
SOM THUM [Thai Papaya Salad] Green Papaya, Chili, Tomato, Crushed Peanuts mixed with Lime Juice, Fish sauce and Sugar
The papaya salad was good, but not a favorite and a touch sweet for my taste.
shrimp lotus
CHARBROILED PRAWNS Served with tangy, spicy sauce & tamarind sauce
The prawns were grilled perfectly and the two sauces enhanced the experience.
steak lotus
SUA RONG HAI Charbroiled Beef served with homemade spicy sauce
The past few times we have ordered steak, it has been a let down. The meat was chewy and not in a skirt steak kind of way. Also there was not enough char and smokiness for something that supposed to be BBQ. I skip the beef next time.
scallop lotus
The scallops were cooked just right and the red curry sauce was a delight to eat.
coconut lotus
Coconut Ice Cream
It was just OK and not coconut-y enough and at $4 a scoop it better be.