It has been a while since we have been to Gjusta. Of course if we lived in the neighborhood and had unlimited money, we would stop here on a daily basis. Their food for the most part is very flavorful but some of the prices are laughable, specially for people who are good cooks. Of course there is no price signage for a lot of their prepared food in the cases. So, get ready to pay big time.

gjusta case
The potato pizza in the picture looked tasty but I would never pay $8 for a small square of a slice.
gjusta bakery
gjusta bread
Butternut Squash Quinoa
I am always on the lookout for healthy treats and this was pretty good. Sweet butternut squash enhanced the earthy quinoa. A treat without a guilt!
gjusta chocolate cake
gjusta chcolate slice
Chocolate Olive oil Cake
It was a respectable version but I prefer the one from Huckleberry better because it is more moist and a little less sweet.
gjusta ham and cheese

Ham & Cheese Croissant
The croissant was very flaky, the gruyère was oozing and I think there was a little fig jam to balance the salty ham. One of the better deals at $4.

gjusta burger
This burger is now our favorite burger. It was a delicious blend of brisket, chuck and bone marrow. If that was not enough decadence add gruyère, oven roasted tomatoes, pickles and finally arugula to lighten this amazing burger. I need one of this beauties right about now!
gjusta burger half