We needed a place for dinner before a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I first planned on trying somewhere new in Downtown and made a reservation for it but ultimately decided to have dinner at Bestia, one of our favorites. I tried for a reservation about 10 days prior but had no luck. We got there around 6:00 pm and luckily were seated at the communal table. The only problem was all the smoke from the wood burning oven was coming our way. At times it made for a teary dining! Service was friendly and we had this waiter who kept calling my husband,”friend”.

farro bastia
Farro Salad Avocado Puree, Pomegranates, Pickled Sunchokes, Mouse Melon, Fried Lentils, Herbs
It was a good salad and similar to salads I make myself at home. The mouse melon was really interesting. Fried lentil, a favorite of mine, added some earthy texture.
calamari bastia
Grilled Calamari Bartlett Pear, Endive, Watercress, Butter Beans, Aged Balsamic, Chives
This dish was so good, I could eat it everyday. Unlike all the overcooked octopuses we have had lately, the calamari was grilled beautifully. The endive, another favorite, added a nice bitter crunch and butter beans provided an earthy element to the dish. Pear added a touch of sweetness.
pasta bastia
Pici al Sugo di Agnello Lamb Ragu, Saffron, Capra Sarda, Breadcrumbs
The saffron pasta is an old-time favorite and we can’t ever resist it. The texture of the pici was amazing. The lamb was chopped very finely and was not gamey at all. A lovely dish as usual.
pasta lobster bastia
Chitarra al Nero di Seppia Squid Ink Pasta, Lobster, Sea Urchin, Crème Fraîche, Fennel Pollen, Thai Basil
The squid ink pasta was perfectly al dente but I wish they gave a little more lobster. The sauce was so delicious you could bathe in it.
The interior of The Disney Concert Hall