I have heard about Hanjip for a while now and after finding out that they serve the beautiful red shrimps from Spain, I was motivated to give it a try. When we first got there around 11:30, we received a good service but as the place filled up the service slowed down a bit. We are not really big on cooking the food ourselves while dining out. I do enough of that at home and at times the smoke in the room brought tears to my eyes. They automatically added the service charge.

Various banchans
Seafood Pancake W/ Curry Dipping Sauce
We started with the seafood pancake and it was pretty good with plenty of bay scallops and chopped up rock shrimps.
Baby Octopus JOO-KU-MI
There was plenty of octopus but took a long time to grill it and the end result was fine, nothing like the ones we had in Spain.
Carabineros Prawns
The main attraction and the reason I picked this restaurant. We were supposed to receive four shrimps but one of the wait staff told us since the shrimps were large, we will get two of them. I asked how long we should cook the shrimp for and she said she will find out. Of course she never came back. At $25 a shrimp you don’t want to over cook it. So how was the shrimp? It was OK. I wish they would have prepared it in their kitchen and presented it in a more special way. I guess we are not a big fan of Korean BBQ.