Ever since I saw the beautiful pictures of Baroo, I put the restaurant on my list of places to try. We tried to go there a few months ago but unfortunately due to an emergency they were closed. I tried to call another time to make sure they were open but they did not answer their phone. So, I have been trying to get there for a while. I decided before we go to the LA Art Show we try our luck and have lunch there. We got there about fifteen minutes before their lunch service and waited outside patiently. I am glad we did, because the level of creativity and bold flavor of the grain dishes we tried was worth the trouble. I have never had vegetarian dishes this flavorful. I just wish their location was in a more accessible place so we could eat there more often.
What is amazing about this place is that it is run by two chefs and a lady in the back helping them with chopping. These two guys take orders, cook and do everything else themselves!! So, you better get here early before the rush.

This is where all the magic happens.
House fermented Kombucha (Elderflower)
This was the most intense and flavorful kombucha we have ever had. It almost shocks your tastebud.
Bibim Salad
Assorted grains with oat, quinoa, & bulgur, vegetable crudite with fennel, celery, asparagus, baby radish, and heirloom, toasted pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds, gochujang + san marzano dressing, herbs coulis, passion fruit powder, baby kale, and Asian pear
How can you go wrong with these ingredients? A very refreshing salad of grains and veggies elevated with crunch from the seeds and brightness from the dressing and the passion fruit powder.
Gim (Seaweed)
Jobs tears, Kamut, Farro grains seasoned with amajuke, assorted seaweed compte with shiitake & tofu, nasturtium, nori chip, mixed berries, wasabi daikon, lime onion jalapeno pickle
This dish was almost too pretty to eat and it was even more delicious than it looked. I can’t say I ever had Job’s tears before and the nori chips was addicting. A very sophisticated dish that would cost a fortune at a fancy restaurant.
Noorook (Koji)
Mixed grains with Jobs tears, Kamut, & farro grains, roasted koji beet cream,
concentrated kombu dashi, toasted seeds (sunflower & pumpkin) & macadamia nuts, fingerlime, and rose onion pickle
Our last dish was very interesting and reminded me of a risotto. A little salty for me but a very satisfying and unique dish.