Lodge Bread
It is not often that I buy bread for myself now a days because I make my own nut and seed bread. I have been hearing about Lodge Bread for a while and since we were in the area decided to check it out. I was interested in their Quinoa bread but they don’t offer that bread on a daily basis, so I settled on the Ancient Grain.

Ancient Grain
I sliced this bread the day after we purchased it and the texture was not to our liking. It tasted fine, but it did not wow us. The crust was so dark it almost felt like it should have come out of the oven a minute or so earlier. If they come up with more interesting grains in the future, I will give them a second try.

BierBeisl Imbiss
Our new favorite destination for dark hearty bread.
rye bread
Organic BierBeisl Rye
Great sour taste with amazing crust. Almost too hard for my bread knife. I wish I had a bread slicer.
apple bread
Apple Spelt
It was a great bread with lots of seeds and a great texture, but we didn’t detect any apple flavor. I read an article stating that they use apple for moisture. It was way easier to slice also.