To say our last experience at Slapfish was underwhelming would be an understatement. We first went to Slapfish original location in Huntington Beach, a few year ago. Last year they opened their Newport Beach location and our two previous visits prior to this one was just fine. This time everything we ordered was beyond bad. Needless to say we will never return.
chowder fries
Clam Chowder Red Potatoes, Clams, Bacon
The fries had a cotton-y, starchy texture. The chowder was fine but nothing to sing about.
Ultimate Fish Taco Cabbage, Avocado, Pickled Onion
My husband’s crunchy fish taco was 80% coating, 20% fish. The tasteless tortilla did not help either.
Lobster Roll
As I took my first bite, I was in misery!! Some of the lobster pieces were overcooked and others were passed their prime. I seriously considered returning this mess of a lobster roll, but my husband as usual convinced me to eat this disaster. The bun was not toasted or buttered either. A big disappointment considering how much I love my lobster roll.