I have been waiting for Moruno to open up for a while now. We had lunch there during their first ten days of opening. The service was very friendly and helpful. The only drawback is the location in the Grove area. It was too bright in the patio area and that reflects in the washed out pictures.

Pretty good olives and a welcome snack. More restaurants should do this. Little things like this leaves a good impression.
Half Rotisserie Cabbage with Pickled Mushroom Yogurt
It was a unique dish as I have never had a rotisserie cabbage before. The pickled mushroom yogurt was a nice complemnet.
Squid Stuffed Squid
Another new dish for us as I don’t think we ever had squid stuffed squid before. It was a flavorful dish and a perfect dish for an unusually warm day in February.
lamb kabob
Lamb Leg Marinated with Turmeric
The highlight for us. We could not believe how delicious it was. If we are in the area, it would be worth stopping by, just for this.