Kali Restaurant is partnership between Chef Kevin Meehan and Drew Langley, Providence’s restaurant former wine director. I was on their pop-up mailing list and was notified about the opening of their restaurant in the larchmont area of Melrose. I liked what I saw on their online menu, made my reservation and hoped for the best.
Considering they have been only opened less than a month, the place was packed and service was good enough for a new restaurant. As we were talking to our waitress, my blog came up and the attitude soon changed. The manager stopped by and talked to us briefly and we talked about the fact that they were doing so well in such a short period of time. Of course Valentine’s day weekend might have had something to do with it.

Wheat Berry Risotto Black Garlic / San Joaquin Cheese
It was a simple healthy risotto. I thought it needed a spice or an herb to brighten the dish.
Charred Avocado Shaved Vegetables / Pistachio / Ash / Kale
This was my favorite dish. The avocado was charred beautifully and went very well with the crunchy veggies. The delicious pistachios added nuttiness.
Delicious warm out of the oven brioche roll with rosemary butter.
Cavatelli Pasta Arugula / Creme Fraiche / Local Peppercorn
It was a nice pasta dish creamy from the creme fraiche and crunchy from the fried arugula. The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente.
Cod Almond Crust, Romanesco, Raisins, Almond Whey
The cod was a fine dish flavor wise but the crust was not crunchy enough. What made this dish unique was the raisins soaked in vinegar, so you had this pleasant sweet and sour flavor.
Almond Panna Cotta Rosemary, Persimmon Sorbet, Crumble
We could not decide between the chocolate and the panna cotta. Our waitress encouraged us to get the latter. It was a very flavorful dessert. The persimmon sorbet added sweetness to the panna cotta and the rosemary a great aromatic note.
Chocolate Cremeux Mint / Cocoa Soil / Bitter Nibs
Ok, so we had to get the chocolate also. Was it good? It was but not as good as the panna cotta. I had to make sure the chocolate was dark enough and they assured me that it was 72% cocoa. I still felt it was on the sweet side and needed something extra to make it a more special dessert.