Rose cafe is been around since 1979. When I heard that chef Jason Neroni, former chef of Superba was in charge, I decided it was worth a try. We had to wait for around 30-40 minutes and for what? Basic food in small portions and confused service. They brought us the wrong check and then they brought somebody’s else’s food to our table. The space itself is pleasant and the whole time we were there, we talked about gjusta and how we wished they served their food in Rose’s space.

I asked to make sure it was not a sweet mocha and was told it was a high-end mocha! I held my breath and prayed to the god’s of mocha and lucky for me it was the highlight of my brunch experience. It had a nice chocolate taste and not too sweet.
Lower East Side Breakfast
Beet-Cured Salmon, Cereal Bagel, Herbed Farmer’s Cheese, Heirloom Toamto, Arugula
If you serve this bagel breakfast to anybody in the Lower East Side, they will throw it back at you. I think it had one slice of salmon that was not even as good as the one from Gjusta, a tiny bit of cheese, a couple of slices of Roma tomatoes and a little arugula. I don’t usually go for a bagel sandwich and it was such a let down. If it was not for my mocha, I would have left hungry for sure.
Braised bacon, Fried Potatoes, Sunny Side Eggs, Country Bread, Butter, Seasonal Jam
My husband’s choice. The only thing worth mentioning is the braised bacon. It had a good flavor. The rest was your typical stuff you get in most places. The potatoes could have used some herb or exotic spice to perk them up. The jam was a nice low sugar berry jam.
It was a good croissant but not as buttery as I like it and a little salty for my taste.
Kouign Amann
A little too dark and had a berry center. My favorite is from McCall’s.