It has been a while since we have had lunch at Taco Maria. It is amazing how popular this place has become. We had to wait around forty minutes to be seated. This shows Orange County is in desperate need of good restaurants. We noticed the price of some of the dishes has gone up and portions have shrunk. The quality of the food is high and most dishes are flavorful but the cost to portion ratio is off.

Aguachile Hokkaido scallop, Cucumber, Citrus, Serrano, Herbs
This has been our favorite dish on the menu ever since we had it the first time. The lime-y, fire-y broth is so delicious you can eat ten bowls of it, but your tummy might have a problem with that. The scallop was very fresh and the cucumber was the cooling element this dish needed.
Broccolini, Chorizo, Almonds
It was a delicious dish but look at the portion. Way too small to make you happy. I made the same dish this past weekend and mine made us much happier.
Arrachera Hanger Steak, Roasted Chiles, Applewood Bacon, Queso Fundido
This used to be our favorite taco but sadly the portion has shrunk. They used to give you a good amount of beef on each taco but they have reduced it and instead give you a big piece of bacon. Now at $8.50 a taco, this is not a good deal.