We have been to Gjusta many times before and I tried to convince my brother who was visiting to select another restaurant. Since my twin nieces wanted to go to Santa Monica and they only eat veggies and some fish, we ended up here. We even checked the newly opened Butcher’s daughter but thankfully there was a two hour wait.

Matcha Latte and Chai Latte
My twin nieces picks and it looked damn good.
Italian Chopped Salad
It was a very flavorful salad specially the Castelvetrano olives; But their pricing does not make sense. You have a choice of small for $6 and medium for $12 but there is not much difference between the two sizes except that you pay double. So at $12 it is not a good deal.
Chickpea Salad
This is the small portion and my niece liked her choice.
Cheese Burger Seeded Pain de Mie Bun, Gruyere, Smoked Tomato, Arugula, Pickles, Aioli
We loved this burger so much last time that we convinced my mom, dad and brother to get it. They all enjoyed it very much and my brother said that it was the best burger he has ever had and we agree with him. What makes this burger unique besides the luscious meat and bone marrow is the smoked tomato. This burger is almost too rich for one person, so next time we get one to share. Another thing to mention is, it is a little too salty for people that care about their salt intake.
Tuna Conserva Olive Bread, Caper Aioli, Roasted Peppers, Salted Cucumbers, Radish, Sprouts, Tapenade
One of my nieces had this and my brother took a bite and really liked this flavorful sandwich.
Bagel with Cream Cheese and Salmon
My other niece had this and as much as she liked it, she was envious of her sister’s food so after negotiating for a while they decided to share.
The girls seemed to enjoy it.

The guys all had some kind of lemonade and really liked it. At the prices they charge, they better like it.