I gave my husband three choices for brunch and he picked the weakest one because he was craving a breakfast pizza. Going in, I was not hoping for much and once again my intuition was right. Service was fine and they had the 3% health benefit that you see nowadays added to our bill.

My husband started with their coffee and it was a French press but at $5 you only got a cup and a half.

Local Greens Green Strawberry, Pistachio, Pickled Mustard Seed, Ricotta Salata
This salad was the reason I decided to humor my husband and give this place a chance. It looked good enough but as I took my first bite I was in a sugar agony. I guess the pickled mustard seed was to blame. I hate anything sweet when it comes to savory dishes specially a salad. I asked for some lemon and thankfully that made the salad more eatable. The greens were fresh and the green strawberries were a nice touch but once again the pistachios were caramelized. So, if you are watching your sugar intake don’t order this salad.
Avocado Toast Smoked king Salmon, Bruschetta, Preserved Lemon, Herbs
It was a very small portion and the smoked salmon was just OK. They could have been more generous with the avocado also. After all it was called “Avocado Toast”.
Bacon & Egg Weiser Farm Potato, Ricotta, Swiss Chard, Parmesan
So my husband started with saying that he liked the pizza but after the second slice he claimed it was too chewy. So basically we wasted a brunch on a chewy pizza!!