Even though we live not too far from Taco Maria, it is a good thing that we found a new Mexican place in Long Beach. Chef Thomas Ortega is the man behind the modern Mexican restaurant. Their menu is very large and it offers something for any taste. You can have your salad, tacos or more playful dishes like the mole poutine.

As you can see in the picture they make fresh corn tortillas in the house.
Even though I usually stay away from this sort of carb bomb, I could not help myself in indulging my fair share of the delicious crunchy corn tortillas. The only problem is once you have one, you can’t stop.
Mole Tots Poutine Tater Tots, Mole Negro, Queso, crema, Cilantro, Onion
I had read about this dish and since it was highly recommended we had to try it. It was cheesy and the sweet, spicy mole was a nice topping for the tots. I just wish they had a more healthy version like a sweet potato one.
Charred Octopus Cauliflower Puree, Aji Verde, Cilantro, Chili Lime Peanuts, Radish
We love octopus and lately we have not had much luck when it comes to tenderness. When I read about their tender octopus I had to order it. It seems like they braised it or something because when I cut into a piece the juice sprayed and stained my top.
Carne Asada Sterling Farms Skirt Steak, Roasted corn Chimichurri, Herbed Rice, Aji Roja
The beef was flavorful and as expected chewy. I enjoyed the salad. A little pricey at $19 though.