I was determine to find this gelato shop on our first day and since our sense of direction was off due to jet lag, it took a while and a help from a doorman to finally find this place. Of Course other days we just happened to pass by the area without any problem. That is how universe works sometimes. At the end, the effort was well worth the trouble. They were friendly and generous with their samples. The only problem was if you wanted a small cup you could only get one flavor. I believe we settled on a medium cup so we could sample three flavors. Even though my husband expressed it was too cold for gelato, he had no problem enjoying it!!


Bonet, Pistachios and Raspberry
The pistachios was really nutty and flavorful. The raspberry was almost as good as my favorite one from Grom Gelato. The highlight was bonet, the amazing tasting combination of Coffee, Chocolate, Egg Yolk, Rum, Caramel and Amaretto.  One of the best flavors we have ever had.