Padella is located near the Borough Market. After reading a few glowing reviews online, I put it on my list to try for dinner one night. They make all their pastas fresh daily and there was a long line already out the door at around 6:00 PM. One of my relatives was joining us and thankfully the line moved quickly. The restaurant looked small at first with an open kitchen in the middle. We were taken to a larger dining space on the lower level. One of the staff told us that they had to turn the table in 90 minutes. We had a very colorful Italian waitress. She was funny and friendly. For the three of us, I ordered four pasta, a salad and a dessert. I think everything was priced under £10. By the time we left the restaurant, there was a longer line of people eager to get in.

Tagliatelle with Smoked Eel, Cream and Amalfi Lemon
This was one of my favorite dishes. The smoked eel almost tasted like bacon. We had to double check and make sure it wasn’t.
Tagliatelle with Nduja and Parsley
This was very spicy and addictive. My husband and I shared this dish and since he was still recovering from his strep throat, this dish was a little too much for him. Too bad I could not eat his share.
Pappardelle with 8-hour Dexter Beef Shin Ragu
Oh, the ragu was outstanding. A true comfort dish and very flavorful.
Pappardelle with Asparagus
This was my least favorite pasta. The pasta was a little softer than the other ones.
Chocolate tart with Crème fraîche
I asked if the chocolate was dark and I was told that it was 80%!! I was sold. The bitter chocolate was complemented with the tangy Crème fraîche. A perfect ending to a nice casual dinner.

We also had Radicchio, Watercress, Rocket, Baby Gem Salad. It was very fresh and the best bargain at £3.5, enough for three people to have a couple of bites each.