Ever since I read about Kappacasein’s amazing cheese sandwiches, I was counting the days to try it. It took us awhile to find it and I was happy that we did not have to stand in a long line like the ones I had seen online. You basically have two choices and we took one of each. The problem was there was no place nearby to seat and eat your food. We just sat on the ground behind one of the vendor’s carts.




Melted Ogleshield cheese atop delicious roasted new potatoes and pickles. By the time we sat down, the cheese had hardened. my husband had some of the cheese and I finished the rest gladly!!
Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Oh my god, this was the best cheese sandwich Ever. It was a blend of Montgomery’s Cheddar, Ogleshield, Comté, Bermondsey Hard Pressed with leeks and onions on a Poilâne sourdough bread. I could easily eat that beauty everyday.

Ogleshield is a British cheese made using beautifully rich raw Jersey milk by Jamie Montgomery & Wayne Mitchell of Montgomery cheese making family. The cheese is washed in special brine every three days to attain a slightly pungent sticky rind, which softens the cheese paste and significantly intensifies its flavour.

Kappacasein Dairy’s signature cheese is a gruyere style cheese called Bermondsey Hard Pressed.