I have known about Chef Gregory Marchand’s Frenchie Original location in Paris for a few years now. When I read that they have just opened a second location in the Convent Garden area of London, I made my reservation. The reviews were mostly positive and the only complain was the portion size for some of the dishes as expected with any new restaurant. A review even mentioned that their lunch menu was a better deal than the dinner. Our experience was very positive. The small restaurant was inviting and I liked the clean, modern decor. Service was very friendly.

Hedone Bread & Berkeley Butter
I usually don’t order bread and butter but I made an exception. The sourdough bread was from Mikael Jonsson’s Hedone restaurant and the salted organic butter was from berkeley farm. Loved the crusty bread and even though I am not a fan of salted butter, I still enjoyed the rich, bright yellow butter.
Lamb Ragu Pappardelle Confit Lemon, Kalamata Olive, Espelette
This pasta dish was so flavorful that I can honestly say it is on the top five pasta dishes that I have ever had. The pasta itself was perfectly al dente and more refined than the ones we had the previous night at Padella. The lamb was not gamey and the olive added brine while the confit lemon brightened the dish.
Squid Homemade Harissa, Carrots
A great dish. The squid was a little firmer than I usually prefer but the dish as a whole was very satisfying and I am sure the homemade harissa had a lot to do with it.
White Asparagus Parmesan & Puffed Barley
This was such a wonderful dish. The white asparagus was cooked perfectly and the parmesan crisp added a great texture. Give me puffed grain and I’ll be happy!!
Bitter Sweet Chocolate Piedmont Hazelnuts, Salted Butter Caramel
I was torn between the chocolate and the strawberry dessert and asked our waitress for help to decide. She recommended the chocolate. It was very decadent and the amazingly flavorful hazelnuts had a lot to do with it.