After a lovely car tour of london, my second cousin who lives in London was trying very hard to find us a place to have dinner. Between him and his mom they went through a list of places to call and considering it was a saturday night and a last minute, it was very challenging. He even made a reservation at a seafood Michelin star restaurant and later on cancelled it. At the end, we ended up at 40 Maltby and the experience was positive. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was earlier in the evening rather than at the end of a very long day. They really should work on updating their only bathroom though. You are basically sitting in a railway tunnel with the trains rumbling overhead. The place started with Gergovie Wines selling and serving wines without chemicals. Later on they added a kitchen and hired chefs to prepare seasonal food to match their wine. My cousin went crazy and ordered almost every starter and we got the two main dishes that they offered.

Radishes, Smoked Cod’s Roe, Oatcakes
I loved the oatcakes, definitely my kind of thing. The roe didn’t hurt either.
I just sampled the butter and it was pretty good.
Cheddar Puffs
Very good and a crowd pleaser.
Buckwheat Pancake, Chard, Horseradish
A very healthy californian dish in London.
Mussels, Spring greens, Seaweed
Pretty good mussels and the seaweed added more umami.
Rolled Breast of Veal, Baby Artichokes, Crispy Polenta, Berkswell
My cousin and I each got this dish. It was a very flavorful dish but a little too rich and fatty for late night dining. I really enjoyed the crispy polenta though. The baby artichokes added some needed fiber to the dish.
Fried Plaice, Cornish New Potatoes, Lettuce, Anchovy
My husband and aunt each had this dish. It looked like my husband got to eat his fish & chips after all.

We also had Spiced Lamb’s Liver, New Season’s onion, Pea Shoots, Mint. It was a nice spin on the classic liver and onion.
Roast Quail with Nettles and Bacon was another dish that my cousin had to try and he found it tender and tasty. We also had some cheese and that conclude our dinner.