When you look for the top places to dine in London, Ledbury is often mentioned . I made my reservation two months prior, when their reservation system opened up for the week we were looking. Even two months prior, I could not get a Saturday reservation, so I settled for a Sunday lunch. Service was friendly and professional for the most part but for a two Michelin star restaurant, we had to wait a long time between two of our courses. What we enjoyed the most was the little bites. The main dishes although good, were not that complex. We loved the bread course but did not want to fill up on the bread. I asked one of the staff if they could wrap up our bread to go. He agreed but when we were leaving, there was no sign of it. What I received from our lovely waitress was a copy of the menu. She noticed I was taking notes so she presented me with a copy. That was very thoughtful.

Guinea Fowl with Mead
I don’t care for poultry and found this bite fine enough.
Seaweed Crisp with Mussel
Now this bite was up my alley. A pleasure to eat this oceany goodness.
Muntjac Dumplings and Mustard Fruits

I found the presentation odd for a spring menu. It looked more fall/winter. I am not a big game meat person but enjoyed this bite thanks to the mustardy fruity topping.
White Asparagus Chilled Soup, Muscatel Grapes, Almonds and Marjoram
A very refreshing soup perfect for an unusually hot day. Great crunch from the almonds, sweetness from the grapes and a little bitterness from the asparagus.

Crisp to go with the soup
Nice addicting addition to the soup.
Sourdough bread
The bread was so good that we wanted to take the leftovers with us, but the bread gods were not on our side.
Goat Butter with Molasses
Red Ruby Beef Short Rib, Prune Juice, Turnip and Spring Truffle
It was a very comforting dish and while eating the turnip I was thinking of my turnip loving father. But I thought they could do more for this type of restaurant.
Sauternes Tart Apricot and Olive Oil
A lovely dessert mostly due to the very flavorful apricot.
Yuzu Ice Cream and White Chocolate
A great citrusy bite.
Juniper and Caramel Stick with Lime
Sweet and sour? How can you go wrong.