I have been wanting to taste Jean françois Piège’s, one of France’s top chefs food for more than five years now. Last time we went to paris back in 2011, I tried to make a reservation for his previous restaurant with no luck. Back then, you had to call on a specific day in order to get a reservation. Thankfully you can now make a reservation online. Since they were open on a monday, I picked that day for our first lunch in Paris. The location could not be better. It is off the rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré, where you can window shop or drop some major money and just steps away from the Elysée palace. The restaurant has two Michelin stars and it only seats 25-30 people. You can see the open kitchen from the outside from the street. Before our reservation time, we walked by and watched the pastry chefs making desserts. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and has a very unique glass ceiling that filters in the light. service was very professional. They constantly poured water, changed the water bottle and served as much bread as you could possibly eat. What I found so odd was for a michelin two stars restaurant, they did not have a English menu. They just tried to explain the dishes to you sometimes unsuccessfully. Everything we ate was delicious. They used the highest quality ingredients and cooked it flawlessly. The only negative, the dessert courses were very similar. It would have been nice to have something different for one of them. What impressed me the most was the beautiful Kamachi tableware. They were so colorful, I wish I could bring all of them home with me.
We had the lunch Menu for 80 €. It was a great deal considering the quality of the food, the level of service and the complementary water.

Beautiful glass ceiling
épis feuilleté
A crunchy puff pastry stick was a nice start.
Tendon puffs
Nice and crunchy.
Great crusty bread. You could really put on a lot of weight by overeating this amazing bread.
Beautiful Carafe
céleri boule cuit a four dans de la floure odorante, parmesan, beurre cru battu Celery with Parmesan and Butter
I was not sure if I was eating celery or fennel. It was very delicious with a great presentation.
Some kind of broth with ginger.
Ris de veau mijotés sur des coques de noix, jus perlé d’ail sauvage, morilles au savagnin Sweetbread cooked on walnut shells, juice of wild garlic, morels savagnin
This must have been the tastiest sweetbread I have ever had and it seems like it is the chef’s signature dish. I was sad when it was finish.
Morels Muslin
It was so good and our waiter told us we can have seconds if we wanted to. Really? Who would not want seconds of that deliciousness.
Lieu jaune de ligne piqué d’une gelée au savagnin, croûte au riz au vieux comté, morilles à la carte du Line caught Pollack with savagnin gelée, rice crust, aged comté, morels
My husband’s dish. I took a bite and even though it was a great fish, I prefered my silky sweetbread.
Morels with cream and wine
This must have been one of the best dishes that I have ever had. It was almost too much goodness but I had no problem eating every one of the amazingly fresh morel mushrooms. I will never forget this dish.
Blanc-Manger Floating Ile
A very light meringue and one of his signature desserts.
Noisettes, lait d’amandes glace, gelee de citron
 Hazelnuts, Almond Milk Ice Cream, Lemon jelee
A very pretty dish and a healthy one also.
Crème à la bergamote 
Bergamot-infused custard in a sublimely crafted wooden box
It was a great finish but like I said before all the dessert courses had similar flavor profile.