I was highly anticipating to try Du Pain et des Idees’s offerings. When I was deciding on which hotel to pick, the close proximity of this place to our hotel was a big plus in picking the hotel. We had our first breakfast there. As we walked in, there was a gentleman and a lady behind the counter. I asked him if he spoke English? According to my husband, he said yes I do. How about you!! I don’t remember him saying that but we take his word for it.
The guy in the picture was the friendliest most animated Parisian we met on our trip. I was planning to pick up our last breakfast from there but figured we would be short in time to actually enjoy it. With our luck we got to the airport early and our flight was even delayed. Murphy’s law!!

L’escargot aux cassis frais
The texture was very crisp and the blackcurrant was very good.
L’escargot Chocolat Pistache
I don’t know if the texture suffered due to the humidity or what because the texture was softer than the previous one. It had plenty of chocolate and pistachios to satisfy you though.
Pain au Chocolat
The texture was outstanding as you can see in the picture. Very crisp and buttery and the chocolate was not too sweet.