I picked L’inconnu restaurant thanks to John Talbott’s recommendation. One of the deciding factors was the fact that chef Koji Higaki had worked at Passage 53 in Paris among other restaurants in Japan and Italy. The location was kind of odd. Basically at the end of a residential street. The restaurant was very small with a very minimalist decor. I guess he just wants his food to shine. Our waiter was Japanese and tried his best to converse in English. There was no English menu so he tried to translate for us as best as he could. Their four course lunch menu at 38€ was the best deal of the trip. Charging 6€ for a small bottle of Evian not so much. Everything was cooked expertly and some were plated beautifully.

Carrot Mousse
This was such a refreshing start. It was very flavorful and I could swear the bottom had foie gras, but no, it was carrot mousse.
It was pretty good if you enjoy focaccia. We are not really focaccia people. They give you so much of it too. I wonder what they do with the leftovers.
Asperge Blanche Confite, Sabayon de Carbonare, Castelfranco White Asparagus Confit, Sabayon, Radicchio
This was a great dish and I really enjoyed the carbonare sabayon. The asparagus confit was a delight and the radicchio added a little crunch. A very pretty dish too.
Cabillaud, pettis pois, Pois Gourmand, Navet Cod with Green Pea Sauce, Turnip
The fish was very fresh but then again do you expect any less from a great Japanese chef? The pea sauce was pretty springy and went very well with the cod.
Spaghettini, Bolognese, Brocolis  Spaghettini with Boccoli and Bolognese
This was the only dish that did not impress as much. The pasta was cooked al dente but it did not have the rich bolognese taste that you expect. A little too many broccoli too. I would have liked it if it had a little more meat.
Pavlova Agrume Pink Grapefruit with Blood Orange
A very good citrusy dessert and very refreshing.