I have been waiting and dreaming about Jacques Genin’s goodies for five long years. I was ready to go there on our arrival day but they were closed on Mondays. We got there around 6PM and were hoping that they still serve their famous Mille Feuille. Our waitress told us about the two offerings, one being Mille Feuille and the other, Paris Brest. My husband wanted to try the Paris Brest so we ordered one of each. Service was fine. Last time we had a very friendly guy taking care of us.

Look how beautiful this arrangement is.
The wall’s texture is like a wedding cake decoration.
Mille Feuille Praline
Ok, so I have been waiting five years for this. Was it worth the wait? For people who don’t know, they bake this to order. The crunchy texture was unbelievable. I felt like there should have been more of the praline cream. I remember last time, there was more pastry cream between the crunchy layers of heaven. I don’t know if it was because we were there an hour before closing or what. Still really enjoyed it.
Every time you order tea or hot chocolate they generously give you four delicious chocolates. Basically you get your beverage for free. That is one of the reasons I love Jacques Genin.
 Paris Brest
My husband’s pick. It was pretty good but also an overkill after the Mille Feuille. We had a hard time finishing it up. It was on the sweet side too.
Chocolat Chauo
Five years ago as we were having our tea, I smelled the heavenly chocolate aroma from the table next to us. So I was so ready to try it. I was afraid it would be on the sweet side and would disappoint. Thankfully it was a perfect taste and texture. So chocolaty and rich. I wish I could have one right now.