When I first looked into Les Climats for one of my options, I was not sold. A few people on Chowhound recommended it and I took a chance and made my reservation. The restaurant is located in the seventh arrondissement behind the d’orsay museum. It is elegantly decorated with red and leopard chairs and beautiful tile floor. The restaurant specializes in Burgundy wine. service was formal. We had the lunch menu and I found the food good but not memorable. They probably have better tasting menu and à la carte options.

Gougères cheddar-cumin was pretty good.
Bread and butter were good but not as great as the one from Le Grand Restaurant.
Tête de veau, laquées d’un caramel soja, poireaux crayons, de navet Daïkon, de pickles d’oignons rouges Veal Head, Caramel Soy, Crayons Leeks, Turnip Daikon, Pickled Red Onion
I became adventuress and ordered this dish. Our waiter was surprised and later on came to make sure I liked it. Was it good? It was interesting but nothing I would order again. I liked the toppings more than the head itself but I am glad I tried something new.
Truite de Banka En tartare ricotta de bufflonne, pommes gaufrettes au piment d’Espelette Trout with Ricotta, Wafer Potatoes, Espelette Pepper
My husband’s choice. He really liked this refreshing dish. Yes, I told myself that I should have picked the same starter. Then again we would have picked the same exact dishes.
Merlan de Ligne Whiting, Lime, Curry Sauce, White Asparagus and Avocado
The fish was cooked right and went well with the curry sauce but even though the crunchy asparagus and avocado provided textural contrast, the dish as a whole was not that exciting .
saveurs et de textures chocolat, café et amande, noisettes caramélisées
Flavors and Textures of Chocolate, Coffee and Almond Caramelized Hazelnuts
Thank God the dessert was the best part of the lunch menu. Very satisfying, then again chocolate and nuts are my two favorite things.
Chocolate, Lemon and Berry
Nice ending.