It was our last full day in Paris and I was debating between Pierre Hermé and the Des Gateaux et du pain for breakfast. Pierre Hermé won at the end and I am so glad it did. We have loved Pierre Hermé throughout the years and my husband has been talking about their Ispahan croissant ever since he had it the last time we were in Paris. We got there a few minutes after their opening time of 10 AM. It was full of Japanese young girls picking up their pre ordered goodies. We had to wait patiently for a few minutes and that was not so easy considering that we had not had breakfast yet and the fact that every item in their display case was so mouthwatering. At the end, we picked up two croissants and a pastry. I told the counter guy that I was going to return later on to indulge even more. Unfortunately due to the fact that we had to print our boarding passes and my husband’s tiredness, we never returned. Now he has to be reminded of that all the time!

Croissant and Croissant Ispahan
This was the best butter croissant we had in London and Paris this trip. The outside was crisp and the inside was perfectly light and buttery. The Ispahan croissant, a mixture of raspberry, lychee and rose was even better this time around. The topping was not as sweet as five years ago. I can cry just looking at the picture and I wish I could reach in and grab one right now. The cost was only 1.70€. Why is it that we pay so much more for croissant in US?
Tarte Tango
Looking at the display case how can anyone possibly decide? I asked about a couple of the choices and when I was told that Tango was a combination of red pepper and parmesan, I was sold.  Raspberry, red pepper and parmesan was so delicious and up my alley as far as creativity goes.