Alliance restaurant is located in a quiet Street near the Seine, across from the Notre Dame. I always like to support young chefs with talent and creativity. They learn their craft by working at some of the best restaurants in the world and decide to open small, intimate restaurants of their own. Chef Toshitaka Omiya, who worked at Agape and David Toutain, among other restaurants and Shawn Joyeux are the partners behind Alliance restaurant.
This was our final lunch in Paris and it saddens me to write about such a wonderful experience. The small restaurant was modern with a very professional service. Their English was good enough to put you at ease. You have a choice of two lunch menus or “Alliance Menu” (6 courses) for 70 Euros. How can you say no to such a bargain. our waiter asked us if there was anything we did not like? I said, with the exception of foie gras, I don’t eat any other poultry. This must have been the best deal of the trip, considering the polished service and the delicious, artfully presented dishes. Why can’t we have places like this in Southern California?

Taco, Cumin
It was funny to get tacos for the first amuse. Very Californian.
Céleri, café Celery and Coffee
A nice light amuse and a creative one.
Huîtres-Oignons-Citron Oyster with Finger Lime and Onion
This was such a lovely and flavorful oyster. It looked great also.
Nice and crunchy bite.
Nice crusty bread.
Pommes de terre Allians Echalotes-Champignons Allians Potatoes, Shallot Crumble, Mushrooms
A great dish featuring two of my favorite ingredients. Umami heaven.
Monkfish, Asparagus with Shellfish Cream
Beautifully prepared fish with grassy asparagus.
Foie gras de canard, Légumes de M. Rigault-Consommé de canard
Foie Gras from Mr. Rigault, Duck Consommé, Vegetables
A lovely foie gras dish. Even my husband that is not into foie gras enjoyed it. The broth was very comforting and the veggies added some freshness to the dish.
Pork with Salsify and Hazelnuts
A very flavorful pork dish resting on a pretty salsify. The pork was cooked perfectly.
Lemon Ice
A palate cleanser and very refreshing.
Vanilla Cream
Fraise des Bois / Glace Lait crû Wild Strawberry with Raw Milk Ice Cream
When I saw this dish I was happy because it had the same strawberries that I wanted earlier in the day at Pierre Herme. A nice tart.
Tarte Chocolat, Financier Chocolate Tart and Financier
Even more goodies to make you happy. I specially liked the chocolate tart with cacao nibs.
One last bite so you won’t forget the amazing lunch tasting menu.