I stopped at Lafayette Gourmet to check out their chocolate selection on our last night in Paris. I was glad to see Jean-Paul Hévin still there but their selection of dark chocolates were very small. I was also excited to see Alain Ducasse chocolates there. Just for these two, it was worth a stop.

Jean-Paul Hévin
Trois Ornages, Gemme, Bolivar
Orange Ganache, Smoked Chinese tea, Venezuela Vintage
I love Jean-Paul Hévin chocolates. Everything was great specially the smoked tea.
The girl behind the counter was the friendliest person we encountered. She was so patient with crazy tourists not knowing what they want.
Alain Ducasse
Menthe, Prune au Armagnac
Mint, Prune marinated in Armagnac
Very impressive chocolates, great service and very reasonably priced. French have it all as far as the sweets goes.
Christine Ferber Cassis et Violette
The best jam ever. I was not sure if this was the jam that I have bought in the previous visit. So to be on the safe side, I foolishly only bought one bottle. The flavor is amazing. Tart and aromatic, my kind of jam. I paid 8.95€ and they charge $20 online.