We were walking in the Madeleine area of Paris on the way to Mariage Frères tea shop to pick up some tea. All of a sudden I saw an ape on a window display. Upon a closer look, I realized it was Patrick Roger chocolate shop. What a great coincidence to find it after years of hearing about it. I guess their latest theme was primates.
As you walk in you are intoxicated by the aroma of chocolate. Too bad the service did not match the aroma. We talked to a very unfriendly lady that acted like this was a Graff jewellery shop. Actually they are more friendly at Graff. We looked at the chocolate display case trying to decide what to get. The problem was, there were no names or descriptions. Like you had to be psychic. We asked about a couple of different ones and the lady told us what they were, but acted like she was doing us a favor!! She warmed up as we were picking some chocolate. That is too bad. If I worked there, I will be very happy to help chocolate lovers. At the end, service is what brings people back.

Peppery Mint Ganache and Citronella, Jasmine Tea, Coffee of Galapagos
Great chocolates and worth a visit.