I think Mr. Kebap was our first place to dine after we got back from Paris. The food was good but nothing outstanding. The service was a mix. Our waiter was friendly but the server lady was not that friendly. We asked our waiter what were his two favorite dishes and went with his recommendations. Well, he was right about one of the dishes. I also asked him to cook the meat medium to medium rare. Strange thing was, their daily special was not ready yet. They should call it a nightly special then.

Roasted Eggplant and Yogurt
It was a good version but very small portion.
beans salad
White bean Salad
It was a refreshing salad. White beans, tomatoes and parsley.
Grilled Spicy Kofta
This was our favorite dish here. The Kofta was cooked to medium rare and had a good flavor going on.
Chopped Shish Kebap
This was a strange dish. Had we known it would be small cubes of beef on the stick, we would have avoided it. The meat was mostly overcooked and it came with a couple of spices on the side, so you could have added it as you liked. It would have been a more successful dish, had they marinated the beef using the spices.