I picked Norah for our brunch not knowing it would be such a challenge to find a parking spot. I knew it was a Gay Pride weekend, but I had no idea the whole right side of the street would be off limits to park. I guess there was a bike race going on. After circling around a couple of times, we got lucky and found a spot.
The restaurant was very large with interesting artworks and decor. At first they were going to sit us down in the front of the restaurant, but I told them we wanted to seat in the back. Lucky for us, we were seated by the window facing a cute sculpture garden. We saw bunch of the staff coming and going throughout the garden. They might have their supply room or a changing room for the staff outside. Service was friendly. I felt the prices were a little high considering the portions, but then again their rent must be really high considering the size of the restaurant.

We were seated by this cute little garden with animal sculptures. It almost made you feel like you were eating in a gallery.
decor norah
When was the last time your coffee was served in a glass jar?
As unique of an idea as it might be, if the coffee is hot, that is not going to be a pleasant experience.

Rice Porridge
Glazed Pork, Crispy Shallots, Fermented Chili, Cured Egg Yolk
My husband was in heaven eating this dish because he loves his rice and egg. It looked pretty also and not an ordinary menu item you see that often. A total comfort dish.
norah burger
Chuck, Hanger, Beef Marrow, Heirloom Tomato, Aged Cheddar, House Spread
Ok, as soon as I saw this on the menu, it reminded me of the burger at Gjusta. A little different because it had hanger. Well, Did it measure up? At first bite, I was pleased, even though it was not as beefy as the one from Gjusta. But look at all the sauce!! What the heck was going on? sauce on the top, sauce on the bottom. Whoever prepared this must have been hungover or distracted. It made it very challenging and messy to eat, never mind the calorie overload.
Peaches and Arugula
Crispy Quinoa, Mint, Marcona Almond
We got our salad after our other two dishes. It was a good salad, but very small for $14. The quinoa looked like it had spend a little too long in the fryer.