I had to look up to see when was the last time we were at Superba Food + Bread. I was surprised to see that we have not been there since September of 2014. After our recent experience I can see why. Actually the food quality and execution have gone down. You can’t make a brunch reservation online so we waited more than half an hour to be seated. Before they called our name, I asked my husband that maybe we should just leave and go to gjusta, but he was too hungry, so we stayed. Service was OK at best.

I really like their mocha but once again they served it room temperature. If I am paying $6 for a mocha, I expect it to be at the right temperature. So I waited a long time for someone to come and take away my mocha. It took so long for them to bring the replacement that I assumed they forgot about it. The taste of the warmer mocha dramatically improved. Once again my favorite thing at SF & B was the mocha.
Spring Vegetable Hash Asparagus/ Peas/ Favas/ Smoked Potatoes/ Mushrooms/ Sunny Side-Up Eggs/ Spring Garlic Gremolata
Such a tiny portion and something you can make yourself at home. Do people actually fill up on such a dish?
Hangtown Fry Soft Scramble Eggs/ Mushrooms/ Onions/ Bacon/ Braised Greens/ Potatoes/ Chilies/ Crispy Oyster
On the positive side there were plenty of eggs on the plate but the single fried oyster was fishy and the potatoes tasted like they were fried a long time ago. A very disappointing experience.