Once again after looking to go somewhere different for my birthday this year, I could not find a place that had creative food and was open on a Sunday, so I ended up at Ink. The service had improved since last year. They acknowledged that we were there to celebrate a birthday and were seated at the requested spot. The pacing was a little too fast at the beginning, but thankfully it slowed down. They even put a candle on the top corner of the desert plate. Unfortunately, just like last year, there was no sign of chef Michael Voltaggio in the restaurant. I think he was out of town.

Rosemary, Oro Blanco, Lime, Tonic and Strawberry, Green Tea, Yuzu, Lemon, Tonic
We never had their non alcoholic drinks before. What we sampled were interesting and refreshing. My choice was the rosemary and it was unique. My husband enjoyed his strawberry choice. Fruity and a perfect summer refreshment.
Watermelon , pretending to be a Tomato, Pomodoro Sauce, Parmesan, Basil
Ever since I saw a picture of this dish on their twitter page, I knew I wanted to try it. The watermelon was shaped like tomatoes and since it was served with a tomato sauce, it tricked you into thinking you were eating a tomato. The parmesan and basil added more of an Italian touch.
Japanese Scallop, Portobello, Banana ketchup, Mushroom Hay
The Japanese scallops were super fresh and were flavorful and lightly cooked as they should. The thin ribbons of portobello went well with the creative banana ketchup. The hay added a cool visual to the dish.
Bluefin Tuna, Sea Bean Chimichurri, Ogo, horseradish Snow
A very light, summery dish. The tuna was fresh and was topped with sea asparagus and ogo.
Uni Toast, Uni Butter, Espelette
At first my husband did not want me to order this. I reminded him that it was my birthday and I would order whatever I wanted. As he took his first bite, he was in love. Typical!!!
Fried Calamari, Green Curry Emulsion
This must have been my favorite dish of the night. The calamari was fried perfectly and was so flavorful. It had a squid ink coating. The green curry emulsion was beyond delicious. I could eat this dish everyday.
35 day dry aged New York, Hearts of Palm, Shallots
This was the priciest item on the menu at $42. It was a flavorful steak but the portion was on the small side. Really enjoyed the shallots.
Seaweed Potatoes
Steak came with the side of seaweed potatoes, it was tasty and buttery.
Chocolate, Crème Fraiche, Peanuts, Malt, Matcha
The dessert choices were the weakest link of the menu. A Thai choice, one with white chocolate and nutella cake!!
Since we had already tried the apple a couple of times before, we settled on the chocolate. It was a good dessert but nothing amazing. The top circle part was a chocolate with a dusting of matcha. There was Crème Fraiche on the top of that. Once you cut into it there were more cream and peanuts.