I love Greek food and are always on the hunt to find a place to satisfy my craving. Unfortunately in Southern California we have not found a place that serves great Greek food. When I read about Olive Pit Grill on FTC, I decided to give a try. It was located on a stripmall in Huntington Beach. It is an order at the counter kind of place. Service was friendly and helpful.

Charcoal Grill Octopus
We love octopus and when we saw it on the special board, I asked the counter lady if it was fresh and worth getting. She assured me it was. It was pretty good and had a nice char flavor and thankfully was not overcooked.
Lamb Chops with Rocka Salad and Grilled Veggies
I am always hesitant to order lamb because sometimes it is on the gamey side. That was not the case at Olive pit. It was marinated with herbs and spices and was grilled to a perfect medium. Looking at people’s food around us, I think lamb chop must be the best thing to order here. We got five lamb chops and you also had a choice of two small sides. We picked grilled veggies which was good but some pieces were undercooked. The other side we chose was the Rocka salad. It had Baby arugula, fuji apple, pumpkin seeds, pickled red onion, gorgonzola cheese & balsamic vinaigrette. The greens were not as fresh as we are used to and the dressing was OK.