Since I had purchased a chocolate tour deal online, I needed a place to have lunch in downtown. We have not been to Grand Central Market in a while, so I decided to make that our lunch stop. We had previously tried two different falafels at Madcapra. I was glad to find out that they have two new falafels and also a hummus special that my husband might like.

Yellow Falafel Feta, Harissa, Cucumbers, Pickled Sweet Peppers, Parsley
For each falafel dish, you have a choice of a pita sandwich or a salad. I went with the salad. Their falafel texture was much better this time. It was nice and crunchy on the outside. The salad itself was good but I prefered the Green falafel that I had before. I thought the feta was too salty as some fetas are but loved the pickled peppers. The harissa was served on the side and it was really spicy.
Hummus Special Soft Cooked Egg, Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, Okra
My husband really enjoyed his hummus dish. I took a bite and I actually preferred it to my Yellow falafel dish. The hummus itself although not as lemony and garlicky as I like, it was still a good one. The veggies were very fresh and added a lot of brightness to the dish. The soft cooked egg added richness to the dish.
Your standard flatbread made freshly in front of you but a little too salty.