I purchased a Mast Brothers chocolate tour deal on Gilt City. The deal was amazing. It was only $29 and included two $20 credits towards their merchandise. What? I wish deals like this would pop up more.
The first time I tried Mast Brothers chocolate was in Napa, CA. I tried their pricey black truffle bar and it was a good one with an earthy truffle notes.
Their shop and factory is located on Santa Fe Ave in downtown Los Angeles; not far from our favorite Italian restaurant, Bestia. They run their tour every hour and as luck would have it, the entrance to the street they were located at was closed on the side we were going to enter. We had to drive around to get to MB and missed the first five minutes of the tour. It was either that or wait fifty five minutes for the next one. The guy who was giving the tour was not happy that we joined late, but as we talked to him throughout the tour, he warmed up to us. He explained the different stages that the chocolate goes through from the pod to the chocolate beer and we sampled as we went along. At the end, we sampled four different chocolate bars and that concluded the tour. You could sample any chocolate bar they had in their shop and make an informed decision as which one to buy.

Cacao Beans and Nibs
The fresh cacao nibs were very good.
Roasting process
Different stages chocolate beans go through to make a smooth one.
Chocolate we sampled. It was very good.
The aging room
We sampled smoked chocolate. It was really good. Unfortunately when they process the chocolate, most of the smokiness goes away.
The chocolate Beer
Even though I am not a beer drinker, I really enjoyed the chocolate beer.
Chocolate Tasting
We sampled Milk Chocolate that was pretty good considering I only like dark chocolate. The second chocolate was Coffee. It had an intense coffee flavor and was very good. The third one was Smoke Chocolate. Unfortunately as I stated above, the smokiness was very mild due to processing of the chocolate. The last one was the Sea Salt Chocolate. It was a favorite among our small group.
Cacao Beans from around the world
Amazing chocolate selection with unique fillings
Chocolate Hibiscus Beer
A very good and refreshing beer and perfect for a hot summer day in downtown. It was only $4 for a pretty good size.
My pick of the chocolate bars. The Coffee was very good with a great flavor. The Olive Oil was very smooth with a fruity flavor profile. Tangelo had a very nice citrus note with a touch of sea salt.
box chocolate
I picked Tamarind, Juniper, Orange and Sesame chocolates. They we all very intense and amazing. You get six in the box for under $18. So at almost $3 a piece, it is the best chocolate that I had tasted locally and as good as some top chocolates from Paris.