Maré is Executive Chef Eric Greenspan’s coastal restaurant in Santa Monica. The food was good and service was helpful.

Complementary sweet pepper
A nice touch that is common in Europe and not so common in US. It does not cost the restaurant much and leaves a good impression.
Crudo of Tuna with Pickled Strawberry, Red Onion, Pink Peppercorn, Saffron
I asked our waiter what kind of tuna it was and I was told a bluefin. It was fresh and went well with the pickled strawberries. The whole peppercorn was interesting and added heat and crunch.
Poached Eggs and chorizo with Asparagus, Griddled Baguette, Red Wine Béarnaise
Their version of Eggs benedict. The chorizo was really spicy and the red wine béarnaise was a nice touch. The asparagus balanced the acidic dish.
Skirt Steak Sandwich with Garlic Aioli, Raw Red Onion, Arugula, Pickled Cucumber, Oregano Chimichurri
When we received this dish we were surprised that the steak looked grey. Our waiter never asked us how we wanted our steak cooked and that usually means they cook the meat to at least medium. We waited a while for our waiter to walk by us and told him about the problem. He took it away and after a while came back with one that was medium rare to rare. Well, I rather eat it that way than overcooked. The beef quality was pretty good and it had a great char flavor. The aioli and chimichurri added even more goodness to this sandwich.