Sprouted Rye Bread
I asked if I could get the sprouted rye bread for our steak and eggs dish and the answer was yes.  It was our first time trying it. It was pretty good and had a dense texture.
Steak & Eggs Hanger Steak, Fried Eggs, Chimichurri, Grilled Bread
The steak was cooked to the specified medium rare  but It was not as beefy as I hoped. The chimichurri was pretty good though and helped to brighten the dish.
Croque Madame Sourdough , House-Cured Ham, Fried Egg & Mornay Sauce
After reading a couple of praises online about the croque madame I had to try it. As they placed it in front of us I was intoxicated by the heavenly gruyere smell. The sourdough bread was very crusty and a great base for the flavorful ham, gruyere and perfectly fried egg.
Sprouted Rye
It looked a little dark and hard to slice but it tasted pretty good. A little on the salty side though and at $12, I wish it was a little bigger.
Buckwheat, Banana & Walnut Loaf
My treat pick. At first I thought it was pretty good but when I had the second half, I felt it was a little too sweet. I think it might have had some date.
My husband picked this. As I took a bite, I was in sugar shock. Too much date made this blondie not such a pleasant treat.