Beefsteak is a plant based cafe by Chef Marcel Vigneron and is right next to his other restaurant, Wolf. We had lunch here the first week that they were open and since they share the kitchen with Wolf, everything went down smoothly. Since they use high quality ingredients, their prices reflects that. They have some speciality drinks such as Matcha Latte or Turmeric latte at $7 a pop. Service was friendly and we were impressed with what we had.

Potachos Carrot Queso, Sunflower Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Pickled Jalapeño
I asked the counter guy what potachos was and as soon as he said crispy potatoes, I was sold. It is similar to the one that they serve at Wolf. It was $2 more than the one from Wolf because it was prepared different. The crisp potatoes came with a sweet carrot queso and they were topped with delicious sun gold tomatoes.
The K-Town Kimchi, Broccoli, Sesame Seed, Toasted Seaweed, Scallion, Beans, Ginger Gochujang Dressing
A very flavorful dish. You have a choice of brown rice or quinoa. I was glad to see it was a red quinoa. The kimchi provided probiotic, the broccoli, good fiber and toasted seaweed a bit of umami. The ginger gochujang dressing added some sweet heat to the dish.