I have been eyeing Here’s Looking At You at Koreatown for a while now and finally decided to give it a try. The chef behind the restaurant, Jonathan Whitener, last worked at Animal restaurant. The space was bright and casual. The service was helpful. I mainly picked this restaurant because their veggie dishes appealed to me. When I asked our waiter where their shrimps were from, he did not know and nobody else in the kitchen knew either. He had to wait for the chef to come back to ask him. At the end, he told us they were from Thailand. Canada, Mexico and Gulf are much closer.

Hiramasa Radish, Wakame, Serrano, Onion, Charcoal
My husband picked this dish and really enjoyed it. The thin slices of Hiramasa, a close relative to yellowtail, were sandwiched between thin slices of radishes. There was a dusting of charcoal and onion and wakame played sauce roles.
Nectarine Syrian Feta, Celery, Pigweed, Sumac, Rye, Lemon
One of the reason I picked this restaurant was to try this visually appealing dish and thankfully it did not disappoint. Even though the nectarine season had passed, I found the nectarine good enough. The celery noodles added crunch, feta a bit of salt but what I loved about the dish was the rye crumbs.  I don’t remember tasting much sumac though.
JJ’s Avocado Tangerine, Nori, Hazelnut, Champagne Vinegar, Kohlrabi
I love avocado and had to order this dish. The crunchy kohlrabi was a great contrast to the soft avocado. The tangerine’s sweetness balanced the dish and hazelnut added a nice nuttiness to it.
Heirloom Tomato Corn, Aged Gouda, Chicory, Calabrian Chili, Mushroom, Buckwheat
In summer how can you not order heirloom tomatoes? They were great and went well with the crunchy bitter chicory. The aged gouda added umami and the chili provided heat. I would have liked to see more corn but the crunchy buckwheat added some earthiness to the dish.
Baby Octopus La Ratte Potato, B&B Celery, Old Bay
The baby octopus were cooked beautifully but unfortunately their heavy use of salt made the dish not so pleasant to eat. The potato puree helped though.
Veal Sweetbreads Fennel, Mustard Seed, Sesame
The sweetbread was cooked just right. Crisp exterior and soft interior. Fennel added anise flavor and pickled mustard seeds sweetness to the dish.
Yellow Peach Goat Milk, Cornbread, Lemon Verbena, Popcorn
Our final dish was the yellow peach dessert. The peach pieces were sweet and went well with the tangy goat milk and cornbread. The popcorn added a nice crunch.