I have been wanting to try Alma at The Standard for a while now. When I saw the gorgeous smoke salmon dish, I knew I had to go there and order it. Service was friendly. As we walked in, I noticed to good looking croissants on the counter. I told the hostess, we just had croissants at the Hollywood farmers Market but they did not look as good as these. The funny thing is they were from the same place our croissants were from. The Clark Street. The strange thing was she told us that they did not serve those croissants anymore because they were part of the breakfast menu.

I was very tempted to take this beautiful cactus in a pretty pottery home with me!!
Smoked Salmon with Crispy Potatoes, Egg Yolk, Seaweed, Roe
Yes this tasted as good as it looked but the portion was on the small side for the $21 price tag. The smoked salmon was one of the best I have ever had. The crispy potatoes were great also. The egg yolk was visually appealing.
Anson Mills Grits with Smoked Brisket in Chile Verde, Fried Egg
My husband ordered this incredibly flavorful dish. As I took my first bite, my mouth was on fire but I guess you had to go through the pain to experience pleasure. The brisket was very good and was of a high quality.