When I read that Chef Nate Overstreet, formerly of Wheat & Sons is cooking at the newly opened El Mercado, I had to naturally check it out. The space was large and airy. The service was friendly.

Seafood Cocktail Shrimp, Octopus, Cured Snapper, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado
Surprisingly it had a lot of seafood. Some were fresher than others. I enjoyed the snapper and octopus more than the shrimp. The broth was very spicy, so the cucumber and avocado helped to cool and balance the dish. The cherry tomatoes were flavorful.
Steak & Eggs Skirt Steak/Soft Scrambled Eggs/Poyayoes/Epazote/Salsa Puya
I asked the steak to be cooked medium rare and I was told that they only cook it one way. When we got the dish as you can see in the picture, we were disappointed that it was more medium to medium well. The quality of the beef was good though. Considering potatoes are not expensive, they could have given you enough to satisfy you a little more. The salsa puya was pretty good.