Acorn is located in the Source building a few steps away form Babettes bakery. The look of the place is industrial loft like. The service was very helpful and informative. The prices were fair considering the quality.

key West Royal Red “Shrimp & Grits” Creole Sofrito, White Wine, Tabasco and Fried Egg
After seeing so many farm raised shrimps on the menus, I was happy to finally see a Key west shrimp on the menu. The shrimps were sweet but they were tiny. The grits was very good and the sofrito, white wine and tabasco added lots of flavors to the dish. We added an egg because my husband loves his egg. The only thing is, I found the dish on the salty side.
Tomato Braised Meatballs Grateful Mills Stone Ground Grits, Stracciatella, Basil
My mother in law had this dish and she enjoyed it. The tomato sauce tasted just like the one I make at home. I am sure they used San Marzano tomatoes. The meatballs were pretty good and not dense at all. The same yummy grits was the base of this dish.
Reuben House-Made Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Gruyere, 1000 Island, City Bakery Rye
We asked our server what his favorite dish was and he mentioned that their ruben sandwich was supposed to be one of the best in the country. He said the pastrami, sauerkraut and the dressing were all house-made. I liked the rye bread, loved the sauerkraut and found the pastrami very bacon like because it was sliced very thin. A great sandwich and surprisingly it was not salty!!