Pomegranate Molasses Roasted Squash with Labneh, Hazelnuts, Pomegranate
This dish was my favorite. The squash was beyond delicious because it was marinated in the pomegranate molasses. The creamy labneh was addicting and the pomegranate seeds added even more health goodness. I don’t see or remember any hazelnuts though.
Blue Crab Benedict Two Poached Eggs, Aleppo Pepper Hollandaise on an English Muffin with Braised Greens
We have had this dish before and it will always be a favorite. At $14, it is the best deal in town. Enough sweet crabs so you won’t feel cheated. The braised greens were very good and flavorful.
Shakshuka North African Breakfast Tomato Stew with Two Baked Eggs, Basturma, French Feta & Market Greens
Even though this dish was flavorful, it was too spicy for me. The sourdough breads were good, but I wish it came with a more hearty bread. Basturma, an air dried beef, had an unusual taste that did not win me over.