When I first read about the San Francisco based bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse opening up a location in the Highland Park area I got excited. I knew it was not going to be Tartine, but at least we will have something to hold us over until Tartine finally opens up in Downtown Los Angeles. After looking at some pictures and reading some reviews, I knew I should not hope for too much. First up, finding a parking was a challenge. The staff was friendly. The prices were high considering the size of the baked goods and the quality. My husband’s chai latte at $5 was small and too sweet for my taste. Will I be back? Not worth the trouble and would only go if I lived in the area.
It was fine but not as buttery as we like.
I asked them if the chocolate was dark and I was told it was. As I took a bite, I was in a sugar agony. I would hardly call that sweet chocolate dark. I had to hand the croissant to my sugar loving husband.
Pain au Chocolat
Berry Danish
My husband devoured it and loved it.
Bacon Onion Danish
This was my favorite from what we tried. It was buttery and flaky but not much bacon to taste.