We dined here twice. Once for brunch and less than a week later due to a restaurant that we were going to have lunch at being closed, we returned here for lunch. I liked the brunch offering better and felt like you got a lot of value for a tasty food using high quality ingredients.
Steak & Eggs Grilled Hanger Steak, Fingerling Potatoes, Fried Egg, Carrot Walnut Romesco
This dish was great and hearty. You got flavorful hanger steak cooked perfectly with plenty of delicious roasted potatoes. The carrot walnut romesco added sweetness to the dish.
Double Down Sandwich Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Cheese, Two Eggs, Hash Brown, Avocado Pesto
I was intrigued by a picture of this dish and naturally had to order it. Lets just say this is not the kind of dish I normally order but I loved every bite of it. Perfectly crunchy hash brown with high quality flavorful ham, sausage and bacon. Avocado pesto and eggs added more good fat and protein. It would be a perfect breakfast before boarding, if they served it any where in the LAX.


The Cannibal Burger Red Onion, Onion Soubise, Provolone, Shoestring Fries
I liked the beef flavor and the cheese but the bun was not ideal to hold the whole thing together and it was messy to eat. My husband complained the whole time that he prefered the Gjusta burger. I was like, you are comparing an apple to an orange!! Two different kind of burgers.
Hanger Steak Butternut Squash & Walnut Romesco
The hanger steak was flavorful and cooked perfectly and it came with a little squash walnut romesco. I felt the brunch steak and eggs was a better value because it came with delicious potatoes and it was less expensive.