Destoyer is chef Jordan Kahn’s new breakfast and lunch restaurant in Culver City. We were familiar with his style of cuisine before at Red Medicine. Ever since I learned about his new restaurant, I was curious to check it out. The problem is, they are only open Monday-Friday. We tried to have lunch there the Friday after Thanksgiving, but unfortunately for us, they were tented for a pest control. The problem with Destoyer is, they don’t list any phone number on their website or Yelp, so you have no way of contacting them. A couple of weeks later, we took a chance on them again and hoped and prayed that they will be open. Thankfully they were. Service was helpful. They project their menu on the wall and you order your food at the counter. They then bring the food to you. The interior is very small but thankfully they have outdoor seating, communal style. We saw Chef Khan himself bringing out and clearing dishes. Everything we tried was very good to great.

Marinated beets, pumpkin seed butter, spelt, kale
I got this dish because my husband loves beets. The dish was visually beautiful and tasted pretty good. A very earthy dish.
Baby potatoes, poached egg, smoked dates & brown butter
This dish was very good. As we took our first bite, our mouths kind of burned from the buttery hot potatoes. The smoked date added a great flavor and the egg added good fat and protein. A shareable dish for sure.
Cauliflower soup, Roasted Cauliflower, Almond, Puffed Rice
We loved this earthy soup. They poured the soup into the bowl tableside.  The addicting puffed rice added a great textural contrast.
Roasted Baby Yams, Avocado, Yogurt, Basil
Our last savory dish. I don’t know if we were full or were not crazy about the dish. I loved the visual but the yams were not that exciting. Loved the avocado and endive though.
Weeping Plum, Tonka, Almond, Skyr
We finished our lunch very strong with the most flavorful plum we have ever had. As my husband took the last piece of plum, I was ready to kill him. The skyer was refreshingly tart.