We needed something quick after Hollywood Farmers Market and before our dinner at Bestia. I had Ta-eem Grill on my list of places to try for a long time now. Since it was a short drive, I decided to give it a try. The menu is very limited. You order at the counter and they deliver the food to you. I asked the guy who took care of us, what his favorite was. Hes said, shawarma. Since I don’t eat chicken, he mentioned rib eye was his other favorite. Now, let’s just say, I did not come here expecting to order steak, but that is what happened. The rib eye came with bunch of sides and we picked on it until we received the steak.

Cabbage Salad
The cabbage salad was good and refreshing.
I liked the hummus. It was creamy and smooth.
Pickles, Red Cabbage Salad, Carrot Salad, Beet Salad
I prefered the pickles and the creamy red cabbage to the other two.
Your typical pita.
We ordered the falafel to compare it to the one I make myself. It was good but needed more spices to perk it up.
Rib Eye Steak
The rib eye was tender and was cooked right. The grilled onions added flavor to the dish.