Bestia is our favorite Italian restaurant in the L.A. area. You can never go wrong ordering any of their Piatti Piccoli, Antipasti and Paste. Their dessert never measures up to the other three categories. If you can’t secure reservation ahead of the time, the best thing to do is to show up around the opening time. We sat at the bar area.

Our very friendly bartender/waiter.
kohlrabi & Persimmon, Charred Green Onions, Coraline, Yogurt, Black Sesame, Dill
A very refreshing salad of root veggie, sweet persimmon, tart yogurt and crunchy sesame seeds.
Pici al Sugo di Agnello. lamb ragu. saffron. capra sarda. breadcrumbs.
As I looked at the menu, I wondered where my beloved saffron pasta was. I asked our bartender about it, he mentioned that they only had ten orders for the night. We happily ate the perfectly chewy pici with the very flavorful chopped lamb ragu. I did not taste much saffron though.
Spaghetti Rustichella. Dungeness crab. citrus. calabrian chili. Thai Basil. onion seed.
This pasta dish was great also. There were plenty of perfectly cooked crab to make us happy. The onion seed a favorite of mine added crunch and thai basil added an anise flavor to the dish.
Winter Sundae. Chocolate Fudge Torte. Wet Whiskey Pecans. Cinnamon Star Anise Ice Cream.
It was a good dessert but nothing to sing about and was on the sweet side. The portion was on the small side too. The star was the aromatic cinnamon anise ice cream.